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Constantine: City Of Demons Film Full Movie (2018) Streaming online VF HD Trailer

An animated series centering on the adventures of supernatural detective John Constantine.
Stars: Matt Ryan, Damian O’Hare, Laura Bailey

Official Sites: Official Site
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 24 March 2018 (USA) See more »
Also Known As: Constantine

Constantine: City Of Demons New Movie


DC character like Constantine is back to give great story in animated movie titled Constantine: City Of Demons. John Constantine voiced by Matt Ryan, who also played in the role in the short-lived live action movie series which is from DC Comics character. Furthermore he became a regular character of the DC’s superhero Legends of Tomorrow which include, Black Canary, Atom, Heat Wave, and Firestorm. Constantine DC franchise is very popular with fans and so it is back with new animated movie which feature the basic genre of weird, magic and dark and great story.

Fans already have some idea about the movie since it started in the animated movie series. John Constantine also appears to some CW Seed. In the past, John Constantine also involve with Batman and other superheroes with magical powers. This time around, the movie runs for 90 minutes and it takes place in Los Angeles also known as the City of Angels and is now called City of Demons in the film. This is a war between good and evil and it is has a great story with sense for you to follow.

Constantine: City of Demons feature a family man named Chas who ask help to an occult detective John Constantine in order to deliver his daughter Trish from endless and traumatic supernatural coma. Chas already learned that her daughter cannot be cure by just medical doctors alone but should be treat with mystical intervention. The movie feature a Nightmare Nurse, the influential Queen of Angels and brutal Aztec God Mictlantecuhtli fighting against a demon called Beroul in order to bring Trish’s soul back to Earth. John Constantine must fight these demons together with his friend to help a friend. If you are fan of DC comics and John Constantine movies, you can enjoy the best of story and action along with twists and surprises.