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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 4 is about to Show in few days, some information below but not in full details.

Chech this episode 4 preview of Games of Thrones the Last Watch Season 8

We only have three left, dear readers.
Since its only 6 episodes and only 3 left avid fun of Game of Thrones. Whether you like it or not this has to end pretty sure. I have to be straight with you this is one of my favorite shows this year 2019 and its also I made a lot of reviews and to tell my reader online it. When this movie is over not really sure what will be my next to write a review but since it’s not over yet I have to keep on writing review.

I know lots of fans tend to have some worry about who will be your favorite character will die. Though I read from the book or watching this good TV show, to make it sure when it’s over then all the characters will be dead, though some fans will not stop watching it. They keep on watching it over and over again.

Since we are only expecting three episodes. And also I have embed here the spoiler of the And the Night King is dead and the heroes of Winterfell have succeeded, and we know who Azor Ahai is, well. So what’s going to happen, what will be the next thing to take its place, What I have to expect or you. .

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And According to my intuition I was right regarding Night King not going to King’s Landing. Same with the hero’s finishing off the army of the dead in Episode 3. And I was also right when it comes putting your crypts in a secluded place which is really not cool way to hide it. I have lots of correct assumption but I made lots of wrong one regarding this latest Episodes.