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Trailer Watch Lizzie Film – Full Movie (2018) Streaming online VF HD

A psychological thriller based on the infamous 1892 murders of the Borden family.
Director: Craig William Macneill
Writer: Bryce Kass
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Chloë Sevigny, Kim Dickens

Lizzie Movie Review

If you are looking for a mystery movie then Lizzie is the right one for you and its coming this September. The movie circulates on a lesbian along with the well known Lizzie Bordern murder case which is introduced by Ed McBain novel in the 80s. However, the stylish and recurring “Lizzie” portrays a provocative image of an ambitious woman and left with some alternatives in a community that gave her little value.
The story of Lizzie reveals Borden’s inner struggle, thanks to Screenwriter Bryce Kass and director Craig William Macneil, the novel will been in a live movie and will give audience revelation about the murder of Borden’s family. Furthermore, it will continue into a puzzle pieces into scary and shocking romance.

Jamey Sheridan plays the role of Andrew Borden while Abby played by Fiona Shaw his wife who received the 40 blows of an ax. While this happens, Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart) who is an Irish maid in the house reported the murder of the family where she works. The movie as well will reveal how Andrew is a kind of maniac who came to visit Bridget on her room in the middle of the night to rape her a lot of times.

After that, there are plenty of things that we cannot reveal right now. In case you have read the novel, you may have plenty of idea where the writers and director will get their script. It was also revealed that after Andrew Borden raped Bridget, he receive plenty of anonymous threats. We can surely predict that the murderer is just around in the house of the Borden family or related to them. This is gonna be a great story to view on theater. Movies like this you should not miss to watch when release on a big screen. You will surely not regret watching the movie as you are able to discover the truth.