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NBA Playoffs so far this year is just all right to be honest because it seems that the Warriors pretty much destroyed the entire Western Conference and and the Cleveland Cavaliers basically destroyed the Eastern Conference. So we both knew that that these teams were going to meet in the finals but the road that they took to the NBA Finals used to injuries and all, it seems like it was just such an easy road for them to make it to the finals. And the Warriors made it to the finals so easily and so did the Cavaliers although Cavs lost one game against the Celtics because LeBron James had a really bad game but aside from that, both teams would have swept their entire conference which would have been crazy.

It’s the first time in NBA history where of both teams swept the conference and then met in finals but that didn’t happen so Cavs lost one game and warriors swept the entire Western Conference.

But anyways, that just goes to show that the competition for these two teams in their conference was very little. Aside from that, the NBA Playoffs this year was pretty decent but anyway let’s get into the NBA Finals prediction.

As you guys know, it’s Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers and you know last year I predicted that the Cleveland Cavaliers were going to win in the NBA Finals and this year I’m actually going to pick them again now. let me explain why real quick. I think that the Cavaliers are actually going to beat the Warriors and the reason why is because the Warriors style of play is extremely deadly because they play small ball. They have like five players who can run up and down the court extremely fast. They can all play make, they can all score, they can all shoot from anywhere on the court and they live and die by the three ball and then they have Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant who are literally the best isolation scorers in the NBA right now so they are such a good team.

Basically, in order to beat the Warriors, they would have to have a really off game. Like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, three of like the best shooters in the NBA basically would have to have off games. So, the thing is that when the Warriors play all these teams on the Western Conference, they will beat like every team that they play in the Western Conference or most teams even in the entire NBA, they’ll beat most teams easily because of their style of play.

Now, a lot of bigs have trouble keeping up with the Warriors. So they’ll always get mismatches every time a big like a center or a power forward get switched on to one of the Warriors of shooters because warriors would just get open threes on mismatches and the center’s can’t guard from deep for the most parts. That’s why Warriors are really good at getting the mismatches, They’re really good at draining the threes, they’re really good at running the court and setting up for three and that’s really, really tough for teams who play  for a regular team who has a very large power forward and center that is unable to keep up.

But it seems like that’s going to be much of an issue for the Cavaliers. Just like how it was last year. The Cavaliers can actually play small ball very well, they have so many players that can match up with the Warriors. Kyrie Irving can match it up with Steph Curry, they have that JR Smith, who’s also quick and athletic, they have obviously LeBron James, Kevin Love, who’s quick on a speed as well for a big man, Tristan Thompson who’s also an undersized big man, an undersized center and he’s very quick and athletic so you know running up and down the court and guarding the three-point line is not going to be an issue for any of these players.

Now, this Warriors team is probably going to be a little more difficult than it was last year because Kevin Durant is here at this time and which means that the Warriors have more offensive power, less post defense and a rim protection and less rebounding because the Warriors did decrease in size as a team in order to acquire Kevin Durant. But in return obviously, they got the best scorer in the NBA and that was the trade-off.

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