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The History Of Cavaliers And Warriors Rivalry

As a fan of NBA history, it’s great that we get to see them play again for a third time because throughout the years, we sometimes didn’t get to see the best players or teams go head-to-head against each other for a title. We never got to see Hakeem in the Rockets take on Jordan Pippen in the Bulls for a title in the 1990s, the NBA never got that LeBron versus Kobe for the NBA championship that the league and Nike was promoting for years in the late 2000s. The ultimate NBA Finals match-up sometimes gets ruined by a team being upset in an earlier round or an injury that ruins the team’s lineup. It’s interesting to wonder how LeBron in the Cavs would have tried to stop Kobe in the Lakers front court for four games in June, it’s too bad we have to imagine that dream series and we don’t have to do that for the Warriors and Cavs trilogy.

Who do you guys see winning the series and how many games will it go? It feels great to to see the best two teams of the past three years play each other for the tiebreaker. Let’s travel back in time to the 15 season when the Cavs-Warriors rivalry began.

After losing in seven games to the Clippers in the first round of the  playoffs, you can see the Warriors have potential but people weren’t sure how far they could really get in the playoffs. So when they had a 16 game winning streak to start the 15 season, and looked like the best offensive and defensive team in the league, it had some people shocked. Steph Curry broke out when his first MVP, Klay Thompson had his first season averaging 20 points per game, and Draymond got an all defensive first team selection and started all 79 games after not starting much that season before.

The Cavs had their new big three with LeBron, Love and Kyrie but started off the season pretty average. They were 19 and 20 at one point, LeBron had knee and back issues that kept him out of the lineup for a while, they traded away Dion Waiters and a three team trade to get JR Smith and Shumpert. They closed out the season strong though winning 34 out of 43 games.

This a rivalry between Cleveland and Golden State yet have a form of mutual respect. Nothing would make either team happier than seeing the other loose for another championship.

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