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If you are here because you are a big fan of Walking Dead TV series, then we have a good news for you. You can watch here the Streaming of Full HD episodes of Walking Season 8. Yes, that is right. You can do so from anywhere around the world. Well, as long as you have the internet connection, then you can of course. And at any given time. You don’t have to wait for its premiere which is October 22. And you absolutely don’t have to wait weeks and months for the episodes to come out. We have everything for you, and we got you covered. We don’t want to kill your excitement, instead we want you to be full of excitement and adrenaline watching Walking Dead Season 8. As mentioned above, the premiere date of Walking Dead season 8 is on October 22, 2017 on AMC. But you don’t have to wait that long and of course you don’t have to be on your TV waiting for such episodes to be viewed.


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The story of this season will be more or less about Negan returning having to carry more shenanigans. But for those diehard fans of the series, this is nothing new or anything that is a surprise. After all, you all know that Negan is still alive. Characters of Steven Ogg (Simon), Katelyn Nacon (Enid) and Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) will be a main stay in this season too. This has something to do with their roles steadily growing in the previous season.
Additionally, there will additional two characters is expected to become part of The Walking Dead season 8. First one is named Dillon, who is a sexy, blue-collar guy in his 20s with sarcasm as one of his survival. Secone is Abbud, who is a Muslim American that is sort of a loner since the outbreak started.

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Regarding the story of this season, it would be interesting to see. There will be no spoilers here but I will a spill a little just for the seek of informing the fans. This has something to do with the complaints from season 7 being too slow and characters are scattered in different places. Wit this, season 8 will be much more kinetic with the story much more dynamic instead of focusing and having deep dives into characters per episode.

As per information, the veteran director Greg Nicotero is the one directing the premiere of Season 8. Apparently, it is also the series’ 100th show. If you may recall the director has already directed 20 episodes for this series that includes the last few premieres, midseason finales, midseason premieres, and season finales. He’s the guy who is always there when it comes to the big ones.

Now, if you are excited to see the episodes of Walking Dead Season 8, then look no farther. Because you are in the right place and just about the right time. We got you covered as I have said earlier. You will no longer spend countless of hours just to look for the episodes you want to see and of course you can always share this with a friend, a loved one, or your family who is also into Walking Dead Season 8.



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Unpredictable Scenario of The Upcoming “The Walking Dead Season 8”

One of the most thrilling events were throughout the fights between characters. Now i’m unsure exactly why Carl has been so defensive of Ron after he simply attempted to kill him and almost got everybody else killed along the way. I assume it’s to guard Ron from Rick, however maybe Ron will not deserve protecting? The full circumstance nicely mirrors the fight between Carol and Morgan. Morgan is attempting to defend the Wolf from Carol, the same as Carl is protecting Ron. Probably neither of them is deserving of protecting, still who are we to say? When Carol had not intervened together with the Wolf, he’d probably have remained nicely tied up in the little cage until finally a period of time whenever they could have handled him the right way, as a group. Carol had been tremendously stupid to attempt to kill him during the zombie attack, even though Morgan is also wrong to keep the wicked hooligan alive.

Rosita will be tackled to the ground and also her refusal to expose the bullet-maker accidentally will cause the demise of another. Negan command his lieutenant who includes into the body count without having reluctance; this lady instantly turns and fires her firearm, the unfortunate recipient being Olivia (Ann Mahoney). The full sequence caps elaborate an extraordinary display from Serratos as Rosita, a character who also looked obsolete this time around last season these days finally seems like a worthy big-hitter being named along with the likes of Daryl, Maggie and Michonne.

Maybe it does not take comfort of knowing that whether or not they fight back, people will certainly pass away that sees Rick switch his position on their situation. It’s really an outcome on this season’s capsule episodes that positions this coda as among the most ardent sequences the series has noticed: Rosita, Tara, Michonne, and also Rick reunite along with Enid, , Sasha and Maggie, and a newly-escaped Daryl – on the Hilltop Colony. Thinking about the grueling way it started, this became the liberation fans wanted.

Following several clips of people waffling with what they’re going to accomplish regarding the Saviours, various narratives and also plans stumbled on fruition. Spencer is so good to usurp Rick by being heart-warming and wound up gutted by Negan for his trouble. All of us will not miss out on him. After that Rosita walked up to attempt shooting Negan with all the bullet that Eugene created, and impaired Lucille. Therefore you understand what Negan thinks about his weirdly phallic wooden best girl. Rosita survived, however Olivia paid out the cost instead. However it was real plan which includes true stakes, and also we’re pleased for that.

And after that, when Negan and his company left we’re still racking your brains on why they don’t just leave a security guard or maybe more to watch the communities they conquer , it turned out time for the Reunion Special, since Rick (sparked on by a came back Michonne) and some of the Alexandria regulars went to Hilltop to start with creating the committee to reelect the Leader intending to fight back in whatever way they can. Jesus and also Daryl will be there and it also becomes a pleasant hug fest, which usually begun to feel as if the cast firing a smiley alternate starting credits for the show. They may be united! They are going to take their battle to the Saviors. Tortuous times appearing out of this episode experiencing positive somewhat affected by the post-credits series showing exactly what is absolute to be an upcoming danger is among the most stunning issue of all.

When is the Release Date of walking dead season 8

The Premier will be on October 22, 2017 not really sure if this can really stand with Games of throne Season 7 BUT there are already millions of people around the world waiting for the release of this season.