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Short Movie Review

Alien: Covenant is directed by Ridley Scott and it’s the sequel to Prometheus but the prequel to alien. In this film, the crew of a ship called the Covenant is heading to a planet to hopefully colonize but when they find out there’s a much closer planet with better vital signs, they decide to go there first. And of course that was a bad idea because there’s some really horrible shit there.

Rather than continuing the Prometheus storyline the way they had initially thought, they have decided to mash up alien and Prometheus and here, these films converge. We finally get some answers about certain things that were left hanging in Prometheus but for the most part, this is a movie that has a Prometheus esque feel, there’s even some musical themes that are directly from Prometheus but it’s an alien movie. From the very beginning, you can hear Jerry Goldsmith’s score done by a new person this time around named Jed Kurzel, because obviously, Goldsmith has since passed away, but they are going for the Alien feel even the way the title comes on the screen is flat-out alien.

No one directs sci-fi like Ridley Scott, no one. Not only are all of his science fiction films absurdly gorgeous, they are all very bold and they have a lot to say. It’s not just about the alien creature, even the first alien which some could just call a movie about a monster on a ship had so many more themes just in its art direction, the production design, the pseudo sexual imagery, everything about that film is as close to perfect as movies get.

Alien: Covenant has made a gorgeous film and it’s easy to say that and kind of shrug it off but it’s important to realize how much work really goes into making a film this beautiful even though there’s a lot of CG, a lot of stuff is in camera, you can tell because Scott is obsessed with getting things in camera. If you ever watch the special features of Prometheus, you’d be blown away at just how much of that movie was not green screen and here once again, this film is breathtaking.