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Movie Review

Ant-man stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly and it tells a story of Scott Lang. This guy is a thief, he’s a lowlife, he has a daughter that he cares a lot for, but he’s just a criminal, he’s extremely good at breaking into people’s houses and stealing stuff. And one day, Michael Douglas “Hank” Pym, takes note of this and decides to try to recruit him to become his successor as Ant-Man because there’s some pretty serious business going down, some end of the world type stuff. Of course, that needs to be stopped.

Ant-Man is a lot of fun as a movie. Paul Rudd nails it as Scott Lang. He is such a likable addition to the MCU, he’s great of portraying his character. Michael Douglas, to hear his voice be the voice of “Hank” Pym was such a delight, he was fantastic in this movie. Not just because it’s Michael Douglas and he’s talented and it’s so nice to see him in a good movie, but they gave Hank Pym such a good back story. The film’s focus on Michael Douglas and his daughter as portrayed in the film by Evangeline Lilly, really added a lot of great depth to this movie.

The 3D really added something to this movie because the sequence is where he shrunk down to size and they blurred out the background so deeply and the focus was on this little man running through a bathtub or down a drainage pipe or underneath the ground. The 3D really worked for these sequences and added something that you could actually hardly achieve in 3D.

This movie was knowingly and willingly small-scale which is perfect because its hero is also small-scale. The fact that this movie didn’t need to be some big, bloated, extravaganza with tons of stuff just flying all over the place, it understood that it was a smaller film. This movie is funny, the fact that Marvel is able to take such a strange superhero story, a smaller one, a lesser-known one and make it as entertaining as this film was really paid off.