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Assassin’s Creed is yet more proof that video games don’t translate well to movies in this one you have Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender gets lethal injection and killed because of the kill the guy. This organization called Abstergo gets his body into like hey you’re not actually dead and they hook him up to this machine called the Animus basically through genetic memory in the Animus a person can relive the memories of their dead ancestors.
And they do that because there’s this item they need to find only his ancestor would have known where it was this item will help them cure mankind of anger hostility aggression knowledge it and from there the movie sequential he starts to put you to sleep. I’m serious mad how hard is this essence it’s a cool premise stick with it and keep us in the past for God’s sakes there’s a good movie in this movie it’s called everything when they’re in 1400 xx as long as you’re there. It’s entertaining enough but he only actually goes into this animus machine and lives those memories three times in the movie and I felt like every time he did it was a very short video game demo and after that he gets pulled out.

And now we’re hanging out at Abstergo not really that interesting at all and granted that is how the game is he goes into a memory you play this essence creed he comes out of the memory however that premise of being in the past and then in the present day think that works when you have about 15 hours of gameplay to do it with when you have a two hour movie doesn’t.

Work that well put him in the machine keep him in the machine you can have dialog of people monitoring him so you can get there his schemes going but just a dude put him there and keep him in the past that’s where the interesting shit’s happening. I mean really is there an assassin’s Creed game that has Desmond Miles on the cover because everything happening in present day is so interesting no people want to see the SS. Show them the assassin but even then when the action was going down and he was an assassin it’s not like you know they just hook him into the matrix and he’s just laying in a chair or anything like that he’s in this machine where he in present day is miming the memories as they’re happening. So whenever an action scene would go down actions happening through cut the present-day he’s in the animus and it shows him miming and fighting nothing then it goes back to the action it was really jarring you couldn’t connect with the action and the past because it kept snapping present-day and in the past again it’s kind of like imagine a 3d movie.
Where it goes from 3d then to 2d then to three D then D to D is really jarring for your eyes you just have to adjust like that it’s just a matter of time where you just have to adjust it okay now we’re back of the action all right now. We’re not nor back like jarring shit like people weren’t good and Michael Fassbender is good in the movie Jeremy Irons was Jeremy Irons everyone who tries they do well because they are their baseline characters.