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Short Movie Review

Avengers age of Ultron is one of the most anticipated films of the entire year of 2015. Not just for movie fans but especially for us comic book fans who enjoy seeing our heroes treated well on the screen.

In this movie, Stark and Banner accidentally create an artificial intelligence life form known as Ultron. The original plan was to help protect the Earth with that invention but things go awry when it’s idea of protecting the earth isn’t quite what Stark had in mind. Once Ultron gains consciousness and starts to take control of various things, the Avengers have to unite once again to stop this guy from destroying the earth. This movie is filled to the brim with incredible action sequences but it’s all handled great. The shots look fantastic, the CGI is virtually seamless, there isn’t that one shot where you go yeah that’s computer right there, you know it’s computer, but it doesn’t affect your appreciation of it.

The most important part of the Avengers movies is getting the characters correct. Ultron’s presence as a villain is actually very funny. He’s a bit of a sarcastic villain. And Joss Whedon just nails it. The chemistry between these characters is so real and it’s still there. It might even be better than in the first film. There’s also way more of an attempt to humanize Hawkeye in this movie to make him more than just the cool guy with a bow and arrow and that was really cool, it was great to see more attention given these characters a slightly more complex character building plot throughout this movie. And the added complexity of humor and back-story and things like that, really gave a lot more to these characters and made them seem more like human beings and less like superheroes.