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Short Movie Review

The story focuses on Mila Kunis. She’s frazzled, she’s running around, her marriage might be falling apart, she’s got two kids, a cute dog and it all comes to a head when she just cannot take it anymore, particularly the pressure put on her by the PTA at her school that’s run by Christina Applegate.

Applegate is just too high-strung, it needs everything perfect, when Mila Kunis can no longer handle it, she resorts to just being a bad mom who doesn’t give up on her kids. She just kind of feels like, I’m not going to try as hard anymore and I’m just going to let the kids enjoy their lives and raise themselves a little bit while I’m enjoying myself with my looser friends, eating breakfast with them, hanging out and partying with them.

If you’re a mom in particular or any parent, you’re going to watch this movie and you’re going to see a reflection of yourself in there. However, if you’re not a parent yet but you love laughing, you love a comedy that’s going to be crass, it’s going to be crude, they’re going to say outlandish things that you can’t believe are coming out of these nice ladies mouths, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by Bad Moms.