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But despite of the fact that this movie is boring you can still watch this movie with your friend. watch the movie here

Two possible reasons:
1. The Hollywood Reason, aka what I believe Hollywood believes.
She’s older now and still famous but not ‘mom age’ and still considered beautiful. She’s brunette and already has a ‘foreign’ accent (Watson is British) so she can play a ‘foreign’ character (Belle is French). And when audiences think of her, they still think of books and magic, she fits right in with how Disney likes to paint itself.

2. The Monday Reason.
It was Monday when they did the pitch, and the story person said to the execs “Live action Beauty and the Beast, it’ll be great, we’ll cast someone like Emma Watson. You know, that girl from Harry Potter.” When the execs later decided to greenlight, upon asking the question ‘who should play Belle?’ the only answer anyone could think of was that one suggested in the pitch. Mondays, am I right!?