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All About BGF

A young girl meets a giant who whisks her away to giant country. This amazing world in which Giants live and roam around. But the Big Friendly Giant as she begins to affectionately call him is actually the runt of his world. And there’s some very mean Giants out there who are out to do no good and she sets out on a mission to create some unity with not just her own world but the giant country as well. It is a family film that I think kids are going to grow up loving.

As usual, Spielberg, the director of this movie is excellent at sustaining aw. He is so good at building sequences that can make you feel like you’re watching something magical and unbelievable. With films like Jurassic Park, Minority Report or even some of his lesser films like War of the Worlds, he has a great way of making you feel like you’re watching something incredible and he really does that very well.

The motion capture work in 3d is really strong here. Obviously, technically, this is an excellent production. It’s a Spielberg movie. Williams music is beautiful to listen to as usual. It’s just that that second half did lose some steam. And despite the fact the performances were very good, the villainous characters were very stereotypical one-dimensional Giants who just wanted to pick on everybody. It’s just that towards the end it did feel kind of broken up. But surely kids who grow up watching this movie today will probably love it and in the future, they’ll watch it again.