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Movie Review

In this film, Michael Keaton play’s an actor who used to be a superhero back in the day and then in 1992 which is the year Batman Returns came out. He stopped being a superhero because he wanted to focus on acting, he wanted to be real. And now we follow him around as he’s trying to get this play together on Broadway. And this play is having a hundred and fifty problems and Edward Norton comes into it and it’s not even the impressive part. The fact that Michael Keaton and Edward Norton completely kill it in this movie, it fells like really great.

This movie is all film to look like it is all one shot. It’s not! There are transitions in the movie. You can see where the transitions could be but it feels like the opening shot of good fellas for the entire movie. This is actually mind blowingly original and very revolutionary.

Michael Keaton is great because like he can pull from his actual life experience. This guy is trying to battle with himself. Tike Dumbledore said “You do what’s right or do you do what’s easy.” Do you try to be the actor you know you can be or do you just sell out and just become the Birdman again?

This movie is a magnifying glass over the conflict of Hollywood right now today. Blockbusters versus indie movies. If you’re in a blockbuster popcorn flick, are you an actor are you just celebrity. But just because you’re in a blockbuster doesn’t mean you’re not a good actor and just because you’re in a smaller production doesn’t mean you’re a good actor. Is it was really it was one of those things like this is breaking the fourth wall and just talking to all of us.

The movie is looking like one shot, it makes you feel like you’re actually there and it makes them feel more real and you don’t know it until you see it.