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Movie Review

Bridge of Spies is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Tom Hanks and is about a lawyer in the middle of the Cold War who agrees to represent someone who was caught in America as a Soviet spy. So obviously at that time he becomes a very unpopular person because everyone hated the Soviets during the Cold War. And he becomes even more unpopular when he agrees to help negotiate between said countries about the exchange of a prisoner of war because he doesn’t really have a political status, he’s just a lawyer but the CIA feels that he’s good at talking so they hire him to do this incredibly difficult and actually dangerous job. This is a true story.

There’s two different types of well directed Spielberg historical movies anyway. There’s the Saving Private Ryan, the visceral entertainment that you actually could watch again and then there’s the Lincoln, the well directed very well acted movie that is a great movie. So people are so curious to see where the Bridge of Spies fit into his filmography.

Bridge of Spies is not a movie like say munich. It’s a historical movie but Tom Hanks isn’t sent to the Soviet to assassinate spies. He’s sent there to negotiate a deal. So a lot of the movie is talking. So if you are the people that leaves a movie going that was a talking movie, then you’ll probably bored with Bridge of Spies. But if you’re the kind of person that actually gets tingles in your body when you watch a perfectly crafted scene, when a director cuts to a close up at just the right moment for maximum emotional reaction, when you become aware of the fact that you’ve just been watching a scene in which two people are talking in a room with one long wide take and there’s no breaks, when you notice that an entire scene was done in one take but it doesn’t appear way because of Spielberg’s brilliance and incorporating his characters indifferent places throughout his scene to simulate wide shots, to simulate mid-shots, to simulate close-ups and to simulate cuts that aren’t actually happening, if this masterful old Hollywood style of film-making is your jam, if that’s what gets you going, then you’re going to love Bridge of Spies.