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The Bye Bye Man, if you just watch the intro to this video, that is essentially the plot. Except along the way, there’s a whole bunch of stupid teenagers that can’t control themselves, they do un-logical things throughout the entire movie and it progresses along. And if you say Bye Bye Man, you die. There’s a weird-like haunting spirit man of some kind with a big red CG dog.

So we have our hapless group of young people who got their new house and they stumble across an old nightstand that has writing in it. “Don’t say it, don’t think it, don’t say it, don’t think it.” And then, for whatever reason like on the underside of that, is the words The Bye Bye Man carved in there. Even though you’re not supposed to say it or think it, somebody must have carved that shit in there. This movie originally is a rated R and the studio I think accidentally did that when they were making the movie. And what they did, is they said we got to get as many teenagers in here to watch these horror films as we can, so they cut it down to pg-13. The entire film like the scare factor level of this movie, the way they set up scare moments and stuff it’s all the basic.

All this movie had to do was present an interesting concept and a couple good scares and maybe just show it in a unique way. The concept of The Bye Bye Man is kind of cool and that’s it. I like the idea of the weird this haunting guy who has a dog who shows up and makes you makes people do crazy and insane things.