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I do remember the TV Show and at that time it was a show that had heart. It was light but also serious when it needed to be. Now they are basically parodying it which is fine had they respected the source material which they obviously didn’t.

I mean this is just a way for Dax Shephard to get the break he desperately wants but never will get. It does look horrendous, but in a totally different way than the TV show was horrendous. Kinda bizarre that they chose to throw in a whole arc of “gay panic” jokes, but try to frame them as progressive. I see it not being any different than the Dukes of Hazzard remake or 21 Jumpstreet.

I seem to recall that the original show ended over complaints about Estrada getting more and more lines and pay, which caused a lot of grief between him, the studio and especially Larry Wilcox who felt shunted aside. To see them complaining now, almost 35 years later seems like sour grapes to me, since they weren’t invited to the cast like other stars of old shows.