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The Dark Tapes is a brand-new found-footage horror anthology film that has three stories that are intertwined with this big overarching storyline. The movie is an ultra low budget horror found footage film that was screened and film puzzles. It had gone over fifty nine nominations from different film festivals including the best horror film, best film, best practical fex monster. This is the most anticipated horror film of the year. It’s just kind of upsetting that this film is not getting more traction or it’s knocking a wide release because my god, The Dark Tapes is a damn great horror film.

This film is going for the scientific aspects of everything which is a really interesting take of it all. But how the overarching storyline explains everything was really cool, they explain what they’re doing in the first story line ‘til the end.

One of the great things about this movie is that there is no stupid false alarm jumpscares. There was not a single false alarm jumpscares found throughout the entire film. And also there was this twist that happens near the end that will truly surprise every viewer. Overall, The Dark Tapes is easily one of the better found-footage horror movies out there.