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Watch DC Vixen The Movie 2017 HD Online – VF

Today we are watching DC Vixen The Movie 2017 so Erin we were watching vixen this week if you guys do not know this is a animation tie-in to the CW verse arrow flash legends of tomorrow universe. Now this is an animated a show about another hero that’s emerged not sure who she is where she’s from or GS I don’t know the city all right you know anything we don’t know the thing because we’ve never watched it apparently this is on this is available on CW seed.

I think it’s free so you guys can go watch that a time you want to I might fact check that before I put this in them, may not be fat chicken and do that go Appa okay so we’re going to be watching this up there are six episodes around like five or six minutes long but you know what we’re just going to watch them all at once obviously we’re not gonna leave in the entire footage.
So we’re going to trick this like any episode of any old show we usually watch so Aaron has some popcorn and we’re gonna watch this show Aaron hit the button vixen plunging like the anime spider-man series. I know what arrow Tremont’s Delphine she’s strong too is she out running flash you back arrows running long I think using hey it was a big cat Aaron who’s this vixen don’t know but she’s like our running flash he can’t be him a hair of this she that’s arrazolo.

We go gotcha that’s better what that Oh how she goes stealthy no man she’s got animal powers is good-looking we’re on that how you clicked on Amazon neck.