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Despicable Me 3 Review

I myself and my kids love both despicable me movies and are excited for the minion movie. I also watch the real life Grinch movie a few times every year before Christmas its one of my favorite Christmas movies. I prefer it over the animated one. Didn’t mind the cat in the hat.Here’s what I don’t understand. When something is created and is perfect the first time out, why does it need to be remade. and If you want Despicable Me 3 watch full movie online just click the stream in HD if you want to watch it online but if you want to download the movie which you can download it with 300 megabytes per seconds which mean you can get the movie in few minutes if you have a strong internet connection. We dont have the source of this movie its from the third party source. and also no remake of the Grinch is going to come close tot he Boris Karloff version. I watch it every December and it still holds up today


I’ll give you two reasons. First, The Grinch is one of the most popular Dr. Seuss characters and has a really good story. It’s never going to replace the original Grinch cartoon, but I don’t doubt that it’s going to be a huge success financially because everyone knows and loves the story and will go to see a modernized version of it. Secondly, it’s going to be used as a tool to bring a Grinch themed expansion to the Seuss Landing section of Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando. As a theme park/roller coaster nerd, there were rumors going for a while about a family themed Grinch ride to coincide with a possible new movie. Universal Studios did the same with Despicable Me.



I think it’ll be cool to see a new Grinch if for no other reason than to really start a uniform catalog of Dr. Seuss movies. Just like how Disney had their uniform style


I would love to see Yertle or Sneetches too but this are really short. A studio expanding the story that much would worry me a little. I would still love to see some new Seuss movies. Maybe the new Grinch will open that door. I think they should do “Horton Hatches the Egg”, they already have the one successful Horton movie so the world is established


We all have our favorite genres etc.and when we see something we like we want more. Look at the Shrek franchise. Sure some of them weren’t as good as others but the majority of their fans still wanted to see the movies because they got to spend more time with the characters they’d come to love. Same with any other series/franchise.


Do companies go for the quick buck and run franchises into the ground? Sure they do but often times the fans are forgiving as long as their favorite characters remain true to themselves.


I’m looking forward to Despicable Me 3. It’s fun and light-hearted. My kids love it. Pharrell has done a fantastic job with the music for the franchise and I look forward to his polish on the next installment. The movies are slick,fun and fall for the trap of taking themselves too serious.

for The Grinch, I also look forward to that. I still own the original Grinch cartoon on DVD and my son loved it. The live-action remake left much to be desired. Carey was good, a little over the top, but good. The lighting in the movie was so dark and dreary and the whole love interest aspect was wierd. But if the handlers of Lorax are behind it then I trust them to make a feel good story that elaborates on the original while wrapping it all together quite nicely. My only hope is that they find a way to incorporate the original narrative to the story. Lorax removed a LOT of Seuss’ narrative and I think it took away from it. Plus the writing for the Grinch is so great!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been off put by the whole Despicable Me franchise. I know people love it, hell everyone in my family loves it, but I just can’t stand any of the characters, the stories, even the entire concept of what the franchise is all about bothers me. Sure, like the saying goes, if you don’t like, don’t watch. But when I see it beating out everything in the box office but 2 other mega block busters, I can’t help but have it on the mind.

Despicable Me 3 Cast:

Steve Carell
Kristen Wiig
Steve Coogan
Trey Parker

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Despicable Me 3 Release Date:

30 June 2017 (USA)