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A Dog’s Purpose is based off of the best-selling novel. It’s not only a really fun movie but it’s really moving emotionally. The first thing about this movie is the performances are great. Josh Gad is the dog, it was a wonderful casting choice he did an absolutely fantastic job voicing the little nuances that this dog does and his thought processes. And they were just really entertaining to hear felt the entire movie.

Also, the other standout performances all preserved but that came from Dennis Quaid, he did a great job with how he brought realism to a damaged character and you really don’t see that until towards the end of the film. But he did a really good job displaying that as well and all the other characters in this movie.

Another thing that makes this movie great is its unique and narrative structure. It’s split into about three or four different acts. And each act, is kind of its own story but they all interlocked at the end and it tells one overarching story that’s completed by the end of the film. It is emotionally moving, it doesn’t beat you over the head with all this sad stuff but it’s realistically for the situations and it feels real and genuine and that’s what made this movie so great.