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A crippled and embittered doctor travels to a hidden community in Tibet where he learns of his true destiny as the Sorcerer Supreme of his world.

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I agree that it would make more sense for him to have stolen the entire book, unless he was trying to cover his trail by not making it so obvious what he was after. Steal a couple pages and it might take them a while to discover what you were after, steal the entire book and it becomes fairly obvious.

Stupid villains are pretty standard fair in most CMBs. Take a look at the grand plots of most villains and they make little to no sense. For example, Lex Luther wanted so much to destroy Superman, that he created an even more powerful Kryptonian to do the job. How did he plan to control Doomsday had he actually beat Superman? That’s like burning down your home to get rid of a mouse.

Until Thanos possesses some or all of the Infinity Stones, Dormammu would devour his very body and soul in seconds. Even if Thanos knows Dormammu exists (which I feel like he probably doesn’t), Dormammu would not willingly team up with someone so underpowered at this point. He would f*cking obliterate Thanos and say “Thanks for the idea, now I’ll collect the Infinity Stones since I was just defeated by one.” Thanos would need the complete Infinity Gauntlet to even have a chance at manipulating Dormammu to his will.

Strange managed to defeat Dormammu with more of a logic based solution, not by overpowering him, so even just the time stone was only able to ward off Dormammu by playing into his sensibilities of ego and hunger. If Strange doesn’t let him out of the time loop, he won’t be able to continue to other dimensions.

I have to disagree with the author’s questioning of “where were the sorcerer’s when the other events happened in the MCU”. They clearly stated in the movie that the Avengers protect the earth from PHYSICAL threats while the sorcerers protect it from the MYSTICAL threats. The author claims that Loki, the Chitauri, the other Infinity Stones, etc are mystical threats which to me is incorrect. They are all physical threats, i.e. something that is tangible, something that can be touched. Dormamu on the other hand is an entity/being from a dimension with completely different rules of physics, which is something the MCU had not encountered prior to Doctor Strange. Prior to DS everything happened in our universe, under normal rules of physics. So I don’t see those previous events as plot flaws.

Loki isn’t really a mystical threat, though? I mean, Thor is on record as saying that Asgardian “magic” is just hyper-advanced science. I think the after-credits stinger is a sign that Strange intends to expand the phenomena that the sorcerers respond to to include world-threatening but non-mystical threats like Loki. Strange is wising up and deciding to help with non-mystical stuff, perhaps in the hope that when something mystically nasty pops up, he might be able to call on the Avengers for some additional help.

The films have been treating Thor and Loki as aliens wielding advanced technology up to this point. They probably rest somewhere comfortably between the Sci-fi world of GotG and Dr. Strange. Still a plot hole, for sure, but one easily dismissed by saying, “Oh, that’s not magic though, that’s just alien tech so the Ancient One wasn’t interested.” OR we can just always assume that they’ve just been clandestinely defending against other threats the entire time.

Yes, they allowed their well known well respected former peer scrub in and attend the surgery, even if it’s technically against hospital practice, but there’s no reason to assume that they would have allowed him, especially w/ his injuries, operate on the patient. Muscle memory and confidence let Dr. Strange pick up the scalpel but reality reminded him that he can’t do it for multiple reasons.

The film implies that Kaecilius discovered The Ancient One’s use of the Dark Dimension for immortality which he covets. It’s kind of mirrored by Dr. Strange and Mordo as they share this information with each other and show clear disapproval. Thus the rebellion. I also assume that Kaecilius has concluded that Dormammu can’t be all that bad after all, especially since the Ancient One has apparently been using this power for centuries and has suffered to ill effects.

I figured “beyond time” just meant “beyond growing old”. Time is more of a concept than a tangible thing that “exists” here but doesn’t “exist” there. Reversing events and creating loops made sense to me in this context. If this is true than it also clears up #6. If the films treat time as a concept, than “reversing time” just means reversing and forwarding actions but not actually effecting clocks and the days etc. That means going too far back will cause mayhem and confusion as people discover that it’s suddenly hours, weeks, days or even years later depending on how much he reverses (or moves forward) on a large scale.

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