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All About Elle

Elle is a story of a woman gets raped inside her own home during daylight and she has a very complicated family life. She deals with her ex-husband, she deals with her mother, she has to deal with her son which all rant about in a bit. And the best thing about Elle is that, it doesn’t go about certain situations in the way you might expect. The best thing about this movie is that it is completely unexpected. It is a dark twisted, very grotesque but at the same time very sophisticated story.

This movie delves into becoming a character study on this very psychologically complex character and it works wonders. This woman is very cold, she does not get close to anyone, she has a very bad relationship with everyone around her and even when she tries to be nice, you see the darkness inside her come out. She’s not necessarily a person you would like to hang around with and that is also very dark pack- story too. And by the end of the movie, the way characters work in the story will leave you wondering. This movie does leave an open ending two character study and that’s one of the best aspects of this movie.