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Short Movie Review

Ex Machina Stars Donald Gleason and Oscar Isaac, is a story of a guy who works at some sort of computer organization. They don’t quite make it entirely clear, it’s sort of like today’s Google. And the guy who created this search engine has also created something else, the very first ever AI. And he asks Donald Gleason to come and try to test this system out. And as you may expect, he grows a little too attached to this robot and that’s where the problems start.

One of the best parts of this movie is the fact that it really does try to get into the human psyche, looking at how we operate through our search engine results being able to figure out what kind of person we are just based on things that we type into our computer. And the creator of that search engine played by Oscar Isaac, able to figure out who we are as people based off things we type as well as our relationship with technology.

It is also a very well shot movie while slowly paced and a little bit snail-like at times in regards to how fast it moves. Oscar Isaac had a lot of really cool character traits about him in this movie. He was kind of a drunk, but he liked to work out, but he was also this extremely smart guy who was able to create the first AI so he was really a fascinating character. And Alicia Vikander, she did a really good job as the AI herself. There were a lot of nuances that she added to her performance. It wasn’t just the clichéd-like robot thing.

Though there are some part of this movie that seems predictable, and sometimes we don’t seem to understand certain scenes or something, but all in all, this movie is a worth to watch.