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Fate of the Furious 8 Review

This series has been out of gas since fast five. Only two films can even be considered watchable the original and fast five. So good luck I’m sure Letty will have amnesia again and some one Wil give a long speech about family car chase missile or plane chase rinse repeat. Tye Diggs tells a joke humiliates himself the rock insults everyone, explos up n someone us kidnapped. Long speech about family Dom says he’s done. Another long speech about family Ludicrous see a hi tech car garage calls it heaven another long speech about family explosion rinse repeat

I actually like the title! F8 of the Furious makes sense from 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast 5 (which is still the best 1), and Furious 7 (a nod the The Magnificent 7 i think). Can’t wait for the trailer. I wasn’t that excited for this movie but that title HAS really intrigued me.Though I enjoyed the first FAST movie and didn’t dislike the first sequel (Tokyo Drift?), but the rest just get stupider and stupider.

Laughably unrealistic in every count (acting, plot, physics, etc. All that said, I think Dwayne Johnson is great. He’s what I wished the action stars of my youthful era (the 1980s) were: a combination of infinite charm, charisma, humor, bravura, physical strength, and most important of all — acting talent. The Stallones and the Arnolds and the Willises had some of these elements, but from my perspective, only Johnson possesses them all and in spades.

But I still won’t watch another one of these stupid flying car movies.Fast 7 was a little too long and the drone chase through the city I didn’t care for. But it’s one of the best franchises. I love all the movies. Their great popcorn movies with great action

This movie (like the previous installments) looks dumb. There’s no buzz or hype this time. See You Again made an important contribution in the success of Furious 7.Agree, the end for me was when walker was in the last film, i said adios to the franchise then at movie theaters. This new one will be first blu ray rental for me.

2Fast has a lot of guilty pleasure aspects but imo there’s no quality. Brian was a chump compared to everyone in the first movie then in 2Fast he’s the guy everyone is afraid to race so he must act like a bro dude instead of an ex cop and for some reas on no one kicks his ass for getting all cute with his “why dont you ask these nice peooletter to clear out so you can go home” lines. Then Ludacris is introduced as the jet ski bikini babe megaphone guy and there’s 0 chance he ever had a life before that which included hacking systems and cracking high security safes and being a tech wiz. Just bad character introduction and origin. Oh and Tyrese was a very useless driver.

I have not seen a movie in my life that I did not have some problem with it. I do think that a “fresh” score on RT is accurate in regards to the movie being “good” and worth watching or not, at least based on critics reviews. If something is rated 40% vs something 80%, it is likely the critics think one movie is overall better. In this case, the critics are saying it is worth seeing. That is pretty much all you can get out of a critics opinion. Also, I try not to read critics full reviews as I feel it gives too much of the movie away. The only exception would be if I was looking forward to a particular movie and the critics are bombing it, I will take a look to see what they are complaining about just in case what they don’t like would sway me from seeing it.

Some facts you have to know:
Fast 6 made $97 million opening weekend not $135 million and Furious 7 got $147 million opening weekend not $191.9 million.

FAST AND FURIOUS 8 – Official TRAILER (The Fate of the Furious, 2017)

Some people get so hook up with this movie due to the death of the actor Paul Walker which is the main character in the movie,they cant even let go. For them its really painful to watch their friend died because he is trying to do a noble cause, to help some people. Even me i was totally shock when that happens. A nice guy was dead. But right now another most hottest TV series today and it was just coming out. And if you do not know what is that most watch movie it’s the Games of Thrones Season 7 and you can find more information for the GOT 7 here.