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Movie Short Review

Fences is directed by Denzel Washington, starring him, and Viola Davis and is the story of a married couple trying to raise a family in the 1950s and all the struggles that come with doing that.

There are specific reasons you should see this film. The script by August Wilson, Viola Davis and Denzel Washington. This is some of the best acting of the year. Denzel Washington’s character in this movie is very complex. He starts out he’s a likable guy, he holds a job, he’s trying to support his family, you feel like this is just a good old-fashioned man trying to provide for his family, put a roof over their heads, put food on the table and you relate to him in that way. And then all of a sudden, throughout the film, you get these subtle hints that he’s not the greatest person, that he has a lot of flaws.

The acting in this film is so powerful. It really does transcend the film experience and it does feel like a play just edited together as a film and the performances absolutely shine. Denzel and Viola Davis in particular are both oscar-worthy in this movie. They are brilliant, they’re both giving really big loud performances. However, the experiences that they are dealing within their family is actually much far in real life. There’s gonna be loud scenes, there’s gonna be explosions, there’s gonna be these big dramatic moments. Because if some of the things that happen in this movie happened to a real family, that’s how it would go down and it’s so well portrayed.