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Movie Review

The plot of Fifty Shades Darker is essentially that Anastasia Steele decides to take back Christian Grey despite the fact that he spanked her real hard last time. She wants to take him back because she realized that she cant get enough of Christian Grey. Yet, she has certain conditions to be agreed by both of them. And this time around, she’s like hey! I really like having sex with you, let’s have sex a lot and preferably Mr. director, could you please film it and make it like an entry level soft core-porn for girls, that would be the best way to approach this and please, music editor, include some current pop song while they’re having sex because of its silence, it’ll be too sexual and we’ll get an nc-17. That’s how these films are made.

The author who wrote the books wrote a Twilight fan fiction and adapted it into her own story and they’re extremely successful. There’s really no movie here, it’s just more of them looking at each other from across the room and they give each other that I want to fuck you eyes and then they go have sex. There’s nothing else there’s a small subplot involving one of his former sub missives who shows up every once in a while looking real ragged and he doesn’t like being touched on the nipples.

It’s hard to go into this film and expect anything else than a soft core-porn for women. The characters in this movie are atrocious, all the men in the movie are just fawning after Anastasia Steele and she of course just wants Christian but she wants to be ordered around all the time, she lets him just push her around into every situation and she does do what he says in every scene of this movie. Every single thing he asks her to do, she does it without fail.