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Movie Review

Free Fire is directed by Ben Wheatley and stars in all-star casts of people who really enjoy saying the f-word and it’s about some arms dealers and some arms buyers who are meeting at a deserted warehouse, and things go wrong. There’s a problem between a few of them, tension runs high and all of a sudden, they’re all shooting at each other. Can they all make it out alive?

There’s quite a lot more equipping and a lot more fun to be had in this movie. There are large portions of this movie that you will enjoy and most of it has to do with the cast themselves, not so much the dialog they were given to say but the fact that the cast is so talented that they’re able to find just the right levels that their characters should be at.

You can tell that they were thinking that it’s just a fun movie, where shit gets real but we’re going to make a lot of jokes and we’re going to have really over-the-top sound effects, a lot of bang wiz and zoom sound effects to kind of make you feel like you’re watching something that’s more silly and light-hearted. But the setup wasn’t. It was almost like it was setting up more of a reservoir, dogs’ type feel where you’re in one main location. There’s a lot of jokes and humor but in the end, it is a serious dramatic picture.

The cast alone elevates this material to be entertaining enough to watch but the motivation for why everybody starts shooting at each other was so weak. There is just this one dumb guy who does really dumb things but you’re all kind of dumb like are somebody needs to just wave the white flag and you guys could all go home but it kind of felt like the screenplay just wanted them to all be there and just kill each other.