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Review Get Out 2017

Everything about this film had me interested watching the trailers and the teasers but now that the full story is out it left a bad taste in my mouth. It almost speaks of a reversal of the arian race the Nazis went on about. That these people can extend their lives but only in the host of a strong fit african american body. If it just happened the main character was black but other people that had been taken were of various race and age it would have been more engaging. Saying it could only be one race and all the people that are in the cult are white it has an undertone of “look which race is better than the other now”.

Horror films lose their appeal when they get too preachy or try to force an agenda on you. I would’ve preferred a redneck hillbilly going on a racial rampage instead bc that is truly a monster that you can fear. This feels like horrible people doing a horrible thing but with the small caveat that “oh but it shows that one certain race is better than another” as some kind of odd moral victory.

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