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Movie Review

Gone Girl is directed by David Fincher and stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike and this movie is about a guy whose wife goes missing. The mystery surrounding that, the press and the media’s view of him was he involved, was he not involved, what happened to this girl and where is she?

One of the reasons David Fincher hired Ben Affleck to play the husband in this movie is because Ben Affleck himself as a person has been under intense media scrutiny and a lot of public harassment for his entire life. So this role is perfect for him and he’s fantastic in this movie, this is one of Ben Affleck’s best performances because he’s very subdued. Rosamund Pike is also excellent in this movie.

The marketing campaign for this movie was absolutely brilliant. This movie that really stuck you when it ended because it really makes you think differently about the way we perceive the media, about the way we perceive the news and about how we are able to make ourselves think that something is factual just because you read it on the internet or we saw it on television. It’s so easy to take someone that we’ve never met and make them out to be something that they’re not. And that’s something this movie explored so well, how the news and the media can affect the situation and everyone just thinks that’s what it is it’s true and you get to see the behind the scenes of how a person’s life can literally crumble to the ground until there’s nothing left simply based off of a few lies.

Gone Girl is one of the best-looking films of the year without a doubt. The various twists and turns of the story takes do not come off as showy, they come off as wow that is a great screenplay.