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Movie Thoughts

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is written and directed once again by James Gunn who made the very fresh and very exciting original film that said hey MCU, let’s just have some fun, let’s take some walkmans and listen to music and dance like Michael Jackson. And this time around, our hero star-lord played by Chris Pratt and the Guardians of the Galaxy are now friends, they go on little missions together, they do things, they’re clearly like the ragtag team of really cool people who do things and sometimes they get paid.

All jokes aside, this movie is about star-lord and his lineage. Who was his father? Where did he come from? Is there something special or different about him or is he just another Han Solo type guy who goes around the galaxy? In fact, this film explores the origins and the traumatic pasts of most of our hero characters and some of our villain characters too. It’s not just about making a bigger better movie because as we know, that’s pretty much what we expect when we go to a sequel. We want it to be 2 times the action, 2 times the emotion, 2 times the body counts, 2 times the explosion. And if we’re lucky maybe 5 times the explosions.

This film subverts that notion and makes it less of a bigger exciting action film and makes it a lot bigger for the characters. The things that everyone goes through in this movie makes them less of the fun guys that are cool. James Gunn clearly isn’t just content with keeping these characters in that box. It makes the characters considerably more fleshed out. The things that happened in this movie explore the things that made them who they are. We learn more about each and every one of them and so it gives the characters considerably more weight, it gives them more reasons to show up in movies.