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Hail Caesar is about a movie star played by George Clooney who’s in an old Hollywood production of a movie called Hail Caesar, and he gets kidnapped and a ransom is set for his release. But that’s sort of just like the plot synopsis, like the very condensed version of what this movie is actually about. The Coen brothers are uniquely different. These guys have made another very strange, extremely original comedy that really is hard to classify.

Josh Brolin is really the lead character of this movie and he plays sort of the fixer, the guy who walks around on this studio and just fixes little problems, maybe it takes a little pushing, maybe a little slapping, but he gets it done and he was so good in this movie. With the combination of good performances by people like George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, along with really excellent writing and a great satire on old Hollywood movies, and how they were made along with beautiful cinematography by Roger Deakins made Hail Caesar really great movie to watch.

And one that does have some narrative , make sure what this movie is entirely based on tone. It can go from extremely hilarious, to semi serious, to very odd, to almost religious and heavenly, back to a somber movie, and then funny again. And while that’s really entertaining and great to see a movie so different in original, it can make the road that this movie is traveling a little bit rocky.