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Short Movie Review

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the sequel to the oddly titled original film that was a humongous surprise both from critics, fans and the box office because originally, people were like that movie has a strange title, the trailers aren’t that good, Sony DreamWorks hasn’t really made a great movie in a while, what are they gonna be doing with this movie, it’s gonna lose a lot of money and it was actually a very good movie. Did really well to the box office, now there’s a television show and a new film.

In this film, Hiccup is dealing with a bit of a personal dilemma. His dad wants him to be the new chief over his village, he’s got a new girlfriend and some things from his past are starting to come back and haunt him. There’s also a war brewing amongst these people that want to capture dragons and all this stuff comes to ahead in a film that outshines the original. This film goes places that the original didn’t go. In regards to character, it’s really a very adult animated film at its core. The story elements to it are very much so in the vein of something that entire family could enjoy, where kids can get involved with the cool flying dragon scenes and enjoy that. The 3D looks very cool, adults can actually get into the story and be invested in it because it is actually a very mature film.

It was so refreshing to see an animated film that is aimed largely at families and children, treat those children with respect. This film actually expects children to sit there and be invested in the story. And that is something that a large majority of the entertainment that’s out there for kids today ignores. There is a lot of stuff going on under the surface in regards to the way the film handles family backgrounds and growing up and maturing and the action-adventure element of it too is a little bit more dark than the first one was.