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 Short Movie Review

Inside Out tells the tale of a young girl named Riley who’s in a very hard spot in her life. She’s moved from Minnesota to San Francisco and she has no friends. It’s a new school and she’s starting to go through that period in which she questions herself. She gets snippy with her parents and while all of these emotions are affecting her, we go inside of her brain and see these emotions personified as actual characters. We get to see how joy and sadness and anger and disgust and fear all interact as actual characters inside her brain controlling Riley.

This is probably the Pixar’s best film since Toy Story. It’s a family film that doesn’t pander to children. There’s no useless pooping, farting, burping jokes to make kids laugh and to be like yeah, kids aren’t gonna really like this movie unless we do something stupid every two minutes, it’s nothing like that. This is a film that actually respects kids minds and as the scroll experiences things throughout this movie, it gets really emotionally complex and the way the filmmakers chose to express these emotions, and these thoughts and things within her memory, it’s so clever. Inside Out is so special, it’s a movie that adults can enjoy as well as kids. This movie is actually in some ways more aimed at adults than kids.

It’s a kind of movie that kids as they grow older will continue to find things to appreciate and it’s not at all a movie just for kids if you’re 45 or if you’re 88, you’ll probably really enjoy this film. This is a Pixar movie, so you know technically it’s going to be gorgeous. The animation is beautiful and lush and breathtaking, the 3D also of course looks great for ananimated film, the depth of field is amazing and as it stands , everything looks really good and of course those
are the things you expect going to a Pixar movie.