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John wick chapter 2. He’s back again, except this time, his dog is alive. Thank God. It is an action movie lovers dream in every possible way. If you appreciate amazing action scenes, if you like good stunt work, if you like when they’re well filmed and well choreographed, when you can see everything happening and you can look the main actor in the eyes and know that he’s actually doing ninety five percent of it himself, then you are going to love this movie and I had a total blast of it from start to finish.

John Wick 2 is very much so a modern-day mobster movie. In the first film, you saw the continental, the hotel where business was not to be conducted, everything was very sacred there, and in this movie, you get to see that as well as a lot of background politics with the way all of it works. And it’s actually kind of fascinating. This film is also not just a mobster movie, it’s sort of a modern-day western as well. There’s quite a bit of standoffs, there’s even a guitar riff that goes through the score quite a bit that reminded me of music is commonly in westerns.

This movie has a longer run time than the first one and a lot of that is dedicated to exploring this underground world more. Keanu Reeves is just a fucking badass, the stunts that he does in this film and the entire stunt team, the way it’s all assembled, it’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous to watch even though it’s very violent, it’s extremely well choreographed and very well filmed.