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Hey everybody what the flick Alonso bibs mats Keanu Reeves is back with something hasn’t had in a while a movie that critics like a good movie. It’s true yes all right John wick is a story about a bad man doing bad things to bad people let’s watch the trailer Jonathan you got out once you dip so much as a pinky back into this pond you may find something reaching out to pull. You backing it’s personal would you get that car what does it matter it’s not what you did son it’s hurry it did it to nobody but nobody is jumping but for them working again. Now I just sorting some stuff out Tasca crew how many as mad as you have.
I thought I’d let myself in people keep asking if I’m back, I’m thinking on back this movie is awesome I have so much fun with this movie this movie kicks a lot of ass doesn’t it it’s just it’s an unapologetically straightforward a gloriously shot action movie like the action is very cool doesn’t call attention to itself I don’t think I didn’t think. I saw a single shot of slow-motion the entire movie it it’s just well choreographed well shot it’s the face shooting a scene in my life. I’ve never seen this many people shot in the face and one movie before Thurs.
I thought there’s a couple places where they’re doing the like tight handheld cameras fight scenes which I’m never a big fan of. I’ve talked about that here before but I did like this movie I like that it starts out you know it starts out pretty grim and it takes a minute to get started and then when it comes out what Alfie Allen’s character. Who we know is Theon Greyjoy has messed with John wick and everyone around he was like oh no it’s this whole adage advice oh that’s the wrong. Italy and his actions live up to that kind of selling I and so it’s yeah I like this a lot there’s a surprising amount of laughs.

It’s got a sense a humor and I think it’s because the world that they’ve created in it is very playful there’s lots of details that are fun there’s a hotel for hit men and there’s like rules you know like no one film anyone’s yeah exactly but like you know it’s there’s like a playful element a lot of carries but I love what they did you know a character with reputation can be shut. Such a gift for an actor but the movie has to play it right you know something like you know the third man you hear Harry Lime over and over again that when he finally shows up in the third damn act. You’re like yeah here you know there’s this bit where it’s like you know you know what who cares if I show this guy was John wick you idiot you know like and everyone’s just like who yeah and the other thing.
You know it’s a cheap shot the way that they John wake into action his wife, she leaves him a dog have something to love and the dog gets killed and it’s brutal it’s absolutely brutal this is no spoilers on the first 15 minutes but like every single person is just like you killed his dog right till his son don’t kill his dog the dog is messed up.