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Short Movie Thoughts

Jurassic world and is the encapsulation of John Hammond’s original vision that went sour in that first film. It’s everything that he wanted this place to be and it’s now fully operational and because of diminishing returns, they create a hybrid dinosaur that’s bigger with more teeth to hopefully bring in more visitors.

Chris Pratt once again has proven himself to be a fantastic actor for this type of role. He was great in guardians of the galaxy and so many people have been spreading rumors about Indiana Jones 5 for a long time, and him being Indiana Jones. He had a lot of charisma in this movie, he was good in the action scenes, his humor worked and he was just the most likable character in the entire film and this movie has proven that if he were to ever take over Indiana Jones, he’d surely be great as well. Though it takes a while to introduce Chris Pratt into the movie but once he finally came in, the exhilaration starts.

The film handled it very well and most people will not be disappointed by it. It actually tugged at the people’s heartstrings in a couple moments. And there are times where the connection between Chris Pratt and the Raptors may have been actually the strongest emotionally resonant connection between characters in this film. There is a lot of CGI and for the most part of this film, which makes it more amazing. The CGI for the most part works, the Indominus Rex as a big villain works, that thing is really cool. And there are some great uses of its genes that it has in it.

The dinosaurs work very well, there’s a lot of great action, there’s some subplots that don’t really belong in this movie but in the long run, it is a much better sequel than Jurassic Park 3 was and it confirms that Chris Pratt is definitely a talent to watch out for.