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So we’re gonna look at kidnap the official trailer number one with Halle Berry this trailer drama literally like eight hours ago. I know nothing about it other than someone gets kidnapped and they are not happy about it.
I’m Holly Berries in it and Halle Berry is in it and she does not eat hamburgers in this film how do you know that what are you doing your research kid. You’re gonna be kidnapped and looks like a fan third one yeah Tyler are you maybe what that play what is that his little toy phone tracker Frankie tongue run away from your parents kids are you hiding for anybody a little boy with short curly hair.
I’ve got I word if I was my son she left her phone oh she’s gonna be a fat ass when the producers assault in triage what is about to happen gonna go full badass my son’s been kidnapped did you wait with me here ma’am will file report right oh shut up that’s me.
I don’t know but I like this just sinking into her hands what’s she doing why she’s catching the blue car as my son in the car I will not go I can be right behind you. You took the wrong kid I have a particular set of skills it’s like the black female version of taken it’s pretty badass I like it I like it a lot that’s circle I’m on board how do you feel look you look scared. That’s wrong look what’s happening it’s intense yeah I got goose bumps that’s intense I’m wondering how they can sit I would I would estimate that move is gonna be about 90 minutes long because I don’t know Adam are consistent that story for two and a half plus hours or anything like that.
So I would guess 90 minutes tops but it would be like a solid 90 minutes yeah I know and she’s just so watchable as well and you can just feel her rage and just her ah don’t take my son that’s like if I Chara had a son don’t get my can someone took my son I would I would go full-on, so I’m with Hallie on that we would hope so that was crazy when she was like hanging to the top. I wasn’t bored that entire 2 minute I was yanking such high roller and you have a very short attention so I didn’t do so hope gives it a thumbs up.