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Movie Cast Review

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is directed by Guy Ritchie and stars Charlie Hunnam as young King Arthur. He was robbed of his birthright as a kid, he was picked up and raised in a brothel, he has no idea about his past until the day he pulls the sword from the Stone and realizes that he is in fact destined to be King.

This movie was quite a bit of enjoyable fun. Is it a great film? No. It has a lot of storytelling problems but from beginning to end it was consistently entertaining and it was a very fast-paced and enjoyable movie. Guy Ritchie infuses his typical Guy Ritchie energy into the film especially with the way he edits conversations along with the action sequences, he has a great way of weaving past events through presents and even looking into their future and making them all be one scene and have all of the dialogue feels seamless. He’s excellent at that.

Charlie Hunnam was awesome in this movie as King Arthur. He got huge for this movie. If you looked into the making of the production, you see that he was very adamant about getting this role despite the other competitors who were also trying to get the role, he really went for it.

Jude Law plays the current evil king of the land and he’s really relishing this role. He had a lot of fun with it you can tell and he was evil but it wasn’t over the top like there’s some sequences in this movie where he has to do some really despicable things and his performance was really good and it wasn’t just like this hilarious b-movie bad guy where he laughs quietly in his room while he strokes a small portion of his chin. He actually did a job in the film.

Daniel Pemberton’s musical score was also very entertaining. very loud, a lot of drum beats very different for this type of film which is perfect for a Guy Ritchie movie. All in all, the movie is visually entertaining and all the actors were really having a blast with their roles and the dialogue was quick and witty.