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A small review of Kong Skull Island 2017

I thought Skull Island was excellent.. Better than Godzilla 2014 actually. I plan on seeing it again. Don’t forget the money it will haul in when it’s released on video too. I don’t think we’ll be getting any Kong without Godzilla film any time soon tho. I just hope they’ll make a better Godzilla film next time out. I also hope this film doesn’t knock down the budget on Godzilla – King Of The Monsters. They need to make a few changes from the 2014 movie IMO. One, update Godzilla’s design. Do something about those elephant feet and extend his snout a little. Make his spine fins more pronounced. And two, more Godzilla action this time. Also make the human characters more interesting and even a little less stiff. Man, I’ve loved Godzilla since 4 yrs old. I may not know as much about him as some people, but I have seen just about every movie (haven’t seen Shin Godzilla yet), and alot of the memories from my early childhood were from watching Godzilla marathons with my late dad and my little sister. Great memories.

we are now about 480 million world wide and will likely be north of 500 million by next Monday. With global sales I think Kong could scare 600 million. Domestic sales will likely be in the low 150’s next Monday. 160 or close the next. Ghost in the shell got poor reviews and Logan has yet to leave theaters so their is still room to grow those total box office receipts.. Its gonna kill in home video marketing.

KONG SKULL ISLAND : Full Official Trailer (2017) Monster Movie HD