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Movie Thoughts

This film is a modern-day musical where Ryan Gosling is a jazz piano player who has a lot of passion for this style of music and Emma Stone is an aspiring actress who meet him and they begin to fall for each other. And their story is told through musical form whether it’s dancing or singing. This movie is directed by Damien Chazelle and he is inspired by music. And that’s very clear with his direction of this movie which is manically frenetic, such fast paced editing, beautiful long tapes of dance sequences that unfold seamlessly. This is one of the best directed films of the year.

This film is a love letter to passionate people, people who have dreams, people who want to succeed in doing what they love, someone who is going to no matter what anyone says plow ahead. That’s what this film’s a love letter to. LA is beautiful in this movie, it looks incredible the way it’s shot, particularly one incredible sequence where Gosling and Stone dance and sing in front of a beautiful LA sunset. This is a movie that is grabbing the shoulders of anyone who is passionate out there shaking them and telling them to get out there and follow their dreams.