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The movie was about some astronauts who discover a life on Mars and it’s not a comedy, so it’s probably not going to be like a cakewalk. If a film involves characters who are isolated in space and something bad is happening, I have a serious soft spot for that. Obviously this movie takes a lot of inspiration from alien but at the same time, there’s a different approach to the formula here, where alien is more of a science-fiction horror film. This is almost a non fiction horror film. This is more of a realistic look at what would happen if we found a biological life-form and things did not go as planned. It’s not so much like a giant spaceship filled with eggs and there’s a colony of you know, it’s nothing like that. It’s just a kind of more realistic and it’s a lot more grounded than I expected it to be, which is something I really liked about Life. And overall, I had a blast watching it. This was a very suspenseful film considerably better than Daniel Espinoza’s last film “Safe House” which in itself wasn’t awful but this is definitely a step up.

In regards to CG, this movie’s gorgeous. All the stuff in space, the way earth looks, the space station itself, the entity that eventually develops, it all looks really good. Whenever you have a movie that’s very reliant on CG to accomplish certain things, it can suck you out of the film if it’s not convincing enough. And in this film, they really nailed it. All the actors also really excellent in this movie, Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, my favorite Japanese actor of all time Hiroyuki Sanada is in this movie too. The entire cast is phenomenal in this movie. There’s another actor in the film whose name I’m not going to butcher until he eventually becomes more famous and suddenly we all hear his name a lot like Mahershala Ali, now I can say that because we’ve all heard it so many times. The actor in this film who portrayed the main scientist who operates on this creature is really, really great. And he has a disability in the film that the writers found a very clever way to utilize as an aspect to up the horror, that I genuinely did not expect.

This movie had me on edge throughout the majority in fact. It is very suspenseful, the acting is very top notch, you really get the sense of isolation that the filmmaker was going for. The opening sequence is this very long take that’s of course melded together with CGI and various cuts but the movie overall looks gorgeous, it really looks beautiful.