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The Story is about a young kid who gets separated from his family and completely lost and ends up being adopted, Dev Patel plays the child when he gets older and Nicole Kidman plays his adopted mother. And through life he got reflects on basically what it must have felt like for his mother and father when he disappeared and eventually he starts trying to find his homeland but in fact that he knows nothing about it.

It was actually a really, really fascinating story and it’s based on a true story. One the great things about this movies, like any other true stories is that in the end of the movie, it shows footage of the actual real people involved in the story which is something we always appreciate in the movie. It is a very well made film and the story is very interesting. This is a kind of movie which viewers would like to check out just because one, is for best picture, and two it is it is quite well done. The movie is a bit more compelling than fulfilling.