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All About Mad Max

Mad Max Fury Road is directed by George Miller and stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult and this movie is the continuation of the Mad Max series. Now if you’ve never heard the Mad Max series, first off, where have you been and why do you watch movies? Do you have any idea how much these three films have influenced movies today? The third one wasn’t that great, Road Warrior is one of the best action movies ever from the 80s and Mad Max was a great revenge movie, they’re all directed by George Miller, and the last one came out 30 years ago and we’re finally getting a new look into this world from the same person who created it.

In this movie Max, played by Tom Hardy has been captured by this strange group of people who are led by this person who almost view as a religious figure. Charlize Theron’s character is trying to get a group of people to safety that she cares for very deeply while also finding her homeland and Mad Max is sort of the guy caught in the middle of all this and he has to figure out which side he’s on.

Everything about the way the action is directed in this movie, the intensity, the rawness, the realistic sense to it all, the sense of vulnerability of our hero who is constantly in peril almost every second and every seen on this movie, someone is beaten on this guy, It’s fantastic. Mad Max Fury Road is the best action movie of the year.

Going into this movie, you need to recognize it’s insane. This movie’s nuts, it’s crazy, there’s a guy playing electric guitar on top of a truck shooting flames out of the neck of the guitar. Does that sound cool to you? If it does, go see this movie cuz you’re gonna love it. It honestly it is a non-stop action thrill ride and it also has a surprising amount of feeling to it.