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We’re gonna dive into the oscar movies and this certainly is one it’s manchester-by-the-sea casey affleck stars kenneth long lonegan lonegan who directs it and it is a movie that is powerful I’ll start with that if you could take one guy to an island with you. You knew you’d be safe because he was the best man it was gonna keep you happy it was between me and your father who would you take I don’t think you’re wrong about that Kristen here’s where I thought about this.

I’ll tell you what about this director before we get into this that this kenneth long again, I got a beef with this what do you got this guy wants to rip my heart I know everything you know what other movie he did he did Margaret. See that movie remember that like mess it was a good movie but it messed me up for like all week emotionally and this one is probably the same thing but I’ll also say Manchester-by-the-sea for a very heartbreaking story that you’re going to see Casey Affleck delivers a performance for the year if not the decade at flex is is he is absolutely getting nominated if not winning.

I love the way that they told this story to the way that they did it through flashbacks but it was in such a strange way that they did it but I think it really worked there slowly peeling the layers of white pasty efflux what has passed his future and his president it starts it starts out with like you start to see these flashbacks.
This guy comes from and then you start to ask questions because of these flashbacks and then the flashbacks starts to reveal the answer city it’s really good storytelling your storytelling and it because it’s coupled with amazing performances Michelle Williams is out of control and this was so good in this can we get her in a in a happy movie. Maybe I don’t know we may I don’t know my little bit when I like a nominated for Best Supporting Shania greenness a great um the Kyle Chandler knocks it out of the park they hated the kid in this movie the story mark set it up well you meet KC Affleck’s character and he is just working these menial task jobs and people want to like him.
He’s just such an unlikable guy and as what stop without giving away too much of the story because I want you guys to experience it the way we did is that once you start to see why he is the way he is not only do you accept it more but it gets inside your blood it gets inside your heart and you feel for this guy so much it is a powerful moving emotional experience this is in the trailer and they tell you about this in a synopsis is that someone in his family his brother dies.