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Short Movie Review

The story revolves around Jaeden Lieberher. He plays Michael Shannon’s son named Alton. Michael Shannon himself is a member of a cult who has escaped and his son is sort of an anomaly, an alien. This is a far superior performance the kids acting from the Jungle Book which was supposedly a really good kid performance according to a lot of people. And this performance is up there with that same little kid from room.

it’s a story about man’s arrogance and man’s compassion as well how we attack stuff we don’t understand. It also targets topics such as segregation and cults as well and like Take Shelter, the film never abandons its main characters to make a statement. It tells us that what our characters are doing is the right thing.

Jaeden Lieberher and Adam Driver are absolutely fantastic. They’re timid enough and weird enough to make their performances very likeable. And if you watch any kid performances, they come off as alien as well. And it’s a very good script because of its simplicity. The editing is fantastic too, it lets audiences manufacture their own images. The editor knows exactly what to tell the audience and exactly what not to show the audience so they can piece it together up here.

The film has a sense of wonder and this isn’t necessarily a feel-good film. It is more of a thriller, a sci-fi thriller. And it’s a really good sci-fi film because of how it takes outer worldly elements and grounds them in our reality. The music as well is fantastic, it felt really good. The main theme has tension Wonder and dread packed into one 90-second composition and then there’s another great composition involving a chasey, it’s so subtle though.

If you’ve enjoyed Jeff Nichols’ previous films such as Take Shelter and Mud, you’re definitely going to enjoy this film.