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Movie Review

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is the fifth entry in the Mission Impossible franchise. This one is about Ethan trying to prove the existence of the syndicate. It’s this evil organization that Benji refers to as the ante IMF and there’s even people on the IMF like Alec Baldwin’s character who don’t believe this organization exists. And Hunt and his team are out to prove that the organization is behind a lot of tragedies that have been occurring. This is by far the best fifth film in a franchise. Its only real competition is Fast Five and no the Empire Strikes Back doesn’t count despite the fact that it’s episode 5, the actual fifth Star Wars Film is Attack of The Clones.

What MI 5 did was take the best of all of the good Mission Impossible movies and cram them into a movie and it was a blast. Rogue Nation recalls the first film a lot in regards to going back to that more tense, suspense oriented espionage. It’s not so much the heart-pounding non-stop action of MI 3 but more a combination of the best elements of the first Mission Impossible and Ghost Protocol which are remarkable mission films. And the fact that they were able to combine both of those to make this movie was so much fun because not only are the action scenes extremely well helmed by Macquarie but there’s a lot of good humor.

Still, the characters are still very accessible and enjoyable, they have amazing chemistry with one another, you can really feel sort of this world-weariness amongst them like we’ve seen this before, we’ve been here before, we’re a team, we have camaraderie, we’re going to do this together. You can really feel that sense of age with these guys and not just because they’re getting old, but because you feel that these people have been through things like this before and they really captured that in this movie, this sense that this is a real operating team.