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The music is so good. From really emotional to top tapping. The graphics are so good why even bother calling it CGI anymore. Let’s just call it prime shooting location and perfect weather to complement the film. I loved it.
SUPER smart move by Disney. Put the movie back into theaters for a bit since competition has died down.

I kind of wish they’d do it more often.
I’m just glad to see Pacific Island mythology on the big screen like thism, I am a huge fantasy and mythology buff and I can tell you most fantasy (even novels) are based primarily on European or Greek folklore (except Anime which tends to be very heavly Japanese). It’s a shame too because there are so many different cultures on this earth with a wealth of mythology and folklore just waiting to be tapped. Hopefully ‘Moana’ showcases just what can be accomplished in this field.

Apparently there are several renditions of him from different Polynesian places, but this one will focus on his Hawaiian mythology. I had to look this up, I got excited at first as well.

I was under the impression that Moana was going to be an interpretation of all of Polynesia and Oceania, not just Hawaii. That’s all that everything I’ve read on the film has said. I could be wrong, but it would seem odd for it to just be Hawaii considering the writer (Taika Waititi) is New Zealand and the plot is about renewing Moana’s ancestors’ quest of ‘discovering the many islands of Oceania

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