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Movie Review

Moonlight is a story of young Chiron and it’s broken up into three separate acts. The first act is him as a young boy, the second is him as a young man in school, and the third is him as a full-blown adult. This film shows in great and excruciating detail how young Chiron can grow up in a very harsh environment, and how we can eventually become an adult in a world that doesn’t quite understand who he begins to realize he is.

Moonlight is one of best films of the year. This is a stunningly intimate movie that so beautifully examines. How hard it can be for someone to grow up in an environment that doesn’t understand him. This kid Chiron, at a very young age begins to discover things about himself that he doesn’t quite understand, and no one else around him seems to understand either. He feels more at ease talking to this man played by Mahershala Ali because he doesn’t have a father figure in his life and his mother played by Naomie Harris, is kind of a drug addict and so he finds people that he can feel semi comfortable around. And as he gets older in the film, that becomes increasingly more difficult for him because he just feels so separated from everyone else around him.

The movie is an all-black cast. And three of the actors that portray Chiron are incredible in this movie. The performances are so good that they’re almost too good to be true. It has a masterful direction, perfect editing and performances that are unanimously across the board award-worthy.