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UPDATE! – Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 3 Live Stream Free Online – ABC

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Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 3 Live Stream Free Online - ABC

Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 3 Live Stream Free Online - ABC

IF you watch the game 1 of nba final 2017 between CAVALIERS vs WARRIORS. i was so suprise and the only thing I cant get out of my head is KD Kevin Durant also upon my review of the game last night. Also if you watch to watch the highlight of the game just scroll down below i have added a link to it .

CAVALIERS are doing alright for the first two quarters but when the third quarter get in till 4th. its very nasty to see it.
Golden State Warrior open the must anticipated nba final with a 22 point win.This after dominating depending champion Cleveland Cavaliers 113 – game one of there best of seven title series, Kevin Durant lead the attack of the warriors by 38 points performance apart from recording 8 rebounds and 8 assist, Stephen Curry contributed 28 points on the part of the Cavs James take the lead with 28 points 15 rebounds and 8 assist.

Game 1: Golden State 113 Cleveland 91

Game 2: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 4

Game 3: Golden State @ Cleveland WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7

Game 4: Golden State @ Cleveland FRIDAY, JUNE 9

Game 5: Cleveland @ Golden State MONDAY, JUNE 12

Game 6: Golden State @ Cleveland THURSDAY, JUNE 15

Game 7: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 18




Some Review of the Game 1

obviously what ESPN and Bleacher Report are doing – trolling, mocking James & the Cavaliers, rigging the game to give Durant his first championship and the Warriors third championship – these are what’s bad for the NBA! it’s all they give easy for the Warriors. they’ve given this to them for free and are not stopping while we all know that the Cavaliers should be the champions since 2015 NBA Finals. this has made it ugly when we know James is his in his prime and the Cavaliers too having an overdue dynasty that should have happened since NBA Playoffs 2009. now they’re not making up for that overdue Cavaliers dynasty of at least four championships but instead they want to commit more wrong by always making the Warriors champions. f**k! this is the worst ever and I’m tired of this. I’m done with this. time to unlike ESPN, Bleacher Report, etc! it should be Cavaliers champions ASAP but they’re not doing it but instead rig it more to make these undeserving Warriors to be champions again. I’m done with all these BS!


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Game 1 Full Game Highlights 2017 NBA Finals